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Tomahawk Motor Warranty Policy

What is the warranty on the Tomahawk Motor?

The Tomahawk Motor is covered by a three (3) year warranty.

Within 3 years the motor is covered 100%.  If there is a problem with the motors life, Tarping

Systems, Inc. will replace the motor and pay the freight to send the replacement motor back to


What is not covered?

    *Warranty is void if the motor end bell has been opened-NO EXCEPTION

    *Warranty is void if the gear box has been cracked open-NO EXCEPTION

    *Damage caused by improper use, installation, or abuse.

    *Damage due to use of improper circuit breaker or lack of circuit breaker.

    *Damage caused by chemical exposure.

    *Any and all consequential damages.  (Damage to equipment or materials,

     lightening strikes or other natural disasters, downtime, loss of revenue, etc.)

How does Tarping Systems handle freight charges?

The customer is responsible for shipping the malfunctioning part to Tarping Systems to Dothan,

Alabama for inspection.  If the part is covered under warranty and a replacement motor needs to be

shipped out, Tarping Systems will pay the freight to return the replacement motor via UPS ground.

if the motor is not covered under warranty, Tarping Systems will return the motor to the customer

at their request and at their expense.  NO HANDLING CHARGES WILL APPLY.

When does the motor’s warranty start?

The motor’s warranty starts from the day it is shipped from Tarping Systems.

What should I do if the motor malfunctions?

Record the motor serial number and call us at 1-888-838-3229 to begin the process.  A

representative will use the serial number to inform you of the warranty available on that particular

motor.  If the motor is within the 3 year warranty period, a representative will ask a few questions to

try and diagnose the motor problem.  In order to get credit for the malfunctioning motor, you will

need to send the defected motor to our facilities for inspection.  Will send out a replacement motor

immediately, and charge the customers account for the motor and freight to ship.  This charge will

be credited to the customers account once the defective motor is received at our facility and it is

determined to meet all warranty requirements.

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